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Our goals
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■April 1st 2019〜March 31st 2020 Schedule
Update 2019-09-27
April 1st 2019 (MON)"2019 CRM Best Practice Award" Applications
May 28th 2019 (TUE)CRM Chubu(Nagoya City) Forum 2019 by CRM Association Japan
(Nagoya city)
Theme; "Customer Centric CRM(CCRM)"
June 18th, 2019(TUE)CRM Workshop #55 June 2019:
July 2th 2019 (TUE)General meeting of CRM Board Members (A.M.)
<Tokyo American Club (Azabudai), Tokyo>
July 2th 2019 (TUE)CRM Executive Forum Tokyo 2019-1
Theme; "Digital Innovation and CRM(CCRM): Japan and the U.S. case
<Tokyo American Club (Azabudai), Tokyo>
July 11th, 2019(THU)CRM Workshop #56 July 2019:
July 19th 2019 (FRI)「2019 Best Practice Awards」 Application Deadline
August 19th 2019 (MON)「2019 Best Practice Awards」 Documentation Submission Deadline
September 11th, 2019(THU)CRM Workshop #57 September 2019:
September 26th 2019(THU)「2019 Best Practice Awards」Announcement
October 4th, 2019(FRI)「CRM Kansai (Osaka City) Forum 2019」 by CRM Association Japan
October 9th, 2019(WED)CRM Workshop #58 September 2019:
October 29th 2019 (TUE)"CRM Best Practice Awards 2019 by CRM Association Japan"
Awards ceremony・Special lecture・Case Study・Reception party
<Tokyo American Club (Azabudai), Tokyo>
November 20th, 2019 (WED)CRM Mie Forum 2019 by CRM Association Japan
December 4th, 2019 (WED)GIS FORUM TOKYO #117 & Open Technical Forum 2019-3 &
CRM Executive Forum Tokyo 2019-2
December 11th, 2019(WED)CRM Workshop #59 September 2019:
January 23th 2020 (WED)New Year joint Forum (GIS FORUM TOKYO #118)
March 2020『2019 CRM Best Practice White Paper』Published
  • The CRM holds a workshop once a month which details will be announced by email.
  • Apart from the main schedule listed above, we are also active in external subcommittees and branches.
  • Schedule is subject to change. Details will be periodically upgraded on our website.

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