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■Joint Letter from Chairman & President of CRM Association Japan

【1:IT helped Manufacturing productivity, how about Sales and Management productivity ?】

In the world, "IT" has been used and prevailed ubiquitously into whole society extending from finance, manufacturing, telecommunication, distribution function ( since 1960) and Japan made it almost perfect in Enterprise until 1985 .

USA was terribly troubled by the economic problems in all late 70s and work very hard to enhanced SME and promote ventures to create new jobs with VC investment and deregulations in 1980s, restructure education, saving bank and security motivation for venture entrepreneurs, in addition, I would put up the fact that Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award was created by Public Law 100-107, signed into law on August 20, 1987.
The Award Program, responsive to the purposes of Public Law 100-107, led to the creation of a new public-private partnership. Principal support for the program comes from the Foundation for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, established in 1988.
The Award is named for Malcolm Baldrige, who served as Secretary of Commerce from 1981 until his tragic death in a rodeo accident in 1987. His managerial excellence contributed to long-term improvement (20 years) in efficiency and effectiveness of government.
Initiatives are given to management of Production to Management of sales excellence and to even to marketing (since 1980) and sales function (Since 1990), for Governance (Since 95) utilizing full hedge of internet and PC cultures.

【2:After Japan lost 10 years, now it is the time to restructure Marketing and Sales for Open & Global market opportunity via Customer Centric relationship management 】

We need to go to Open and global business to regain momentum of leadership of economy, politics and culture.
After 1990 started, Japan slowed down severally on economy for a decade and global challenge spirit was almost totally faded out except Automobile, Camera, and some game and art industry section.

Technology of Broad band, cell phone with internet, had outstandingly led the world far some years ago by Japanese makers and by challenging operator headed by Digital phone and DOCOMO intra Japan .But all Japan teams had failed to work with Global Open Standard in collaboration with an agreement or and with strategic alliance political games with Europe and USA.
So, even now, it seems Japan has not having a favorable global strategy for all especially on IT related global standard issues.

As a general trend of IT, now we need to catch up with the knowledge based on global & open IT infrastructure of enterprises, whose majority of asset is no more tangible asset ( 20 years ago it had 80%) but now only 20% less and more than 80% of top enterprise assets were found in 2002 from intangible asset.
The value of intangible asset is only valued if it has been shared & used for action. Without action based upon the information value shared, there is no value to society. So to monitor and mange the intangible asset has much different process of monitoring and managing the tangible asset.

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