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Our goals
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Main activities
Our goals
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YAMADA Bldg. 10F 1-1-14, SHINJYUKU-KU, TOKYO, 160-0022 JAPAN
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■CRM Association Japan aims to enlighten and disseminate CRM in Japan.
CRM Association Japan, established on October 1st, 2009, is an open, non -profit organization inheriting the activities of the CRM Council which had been established in April 2000, we are cooperating with users, vendors, academies and others to research and pursue the true appearance of CRM in Japan. We interact with US CRM organizations and recently expanded to Europe, China, etc. to gather leading-edge information worldwide. While keeping small and medium-sized enterprises in mind, we connect with large corporations, journalisms, academia, and friendly organization as a mission to further disseminate CRM activities in Japan.
一般社団法人 CRM協議会理事長藤枝純教
CEO & Representative Chairman
of CRM Association Japan
Junkyo Fujieda
President of ReGIS Inc.,
(Kyoto University IT Adviser)
Our projects include the development and application of CRM process diagnostics, conducting a survey of nationwide CRM markets, organizing forums on paper by Japan Industrial Newspaper (Fuji Sankei Business i), arranging a joint seminar with the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry etc. to support the revitalization of companies and local governments.
We conduct the public offering and the practical surveys of excellent case studies that are models of CRM utilization. We select them as the "CRM Best Practice Award", and conduct activities to widely use them as a model case for promoting CRM.
We also established Kyushu branch, Kansai branch and Hokkaido branch for trying to broaden the organization network.
We wish that more organizations and local governments will participate in CRM Association, and the CRM circle will spread in processing better results.
Why don’t you join us as a member and study together?

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