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CRM Association Schedule
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■April 1st 2024~March 31st 2025 Schedule
Update 2024-04-01
April 2024"2024 CRM Best Practice Award" Applications
June 26th 2024 (WED)General meeting of CRM Board Members
<Online Event with Web conference system (WebEX)>
July 11st 2024 (THU)"2024 Best Practice Awards" Application Deadline
August 16th 2024 (FRI)"2024 Best Practice Awards" Documentation Submission Deadline
October, 2024"2024 Best Practice Awards" Announcement
November 6th 2024 (WED)"CRM Best Practice Awards 2024 by CRM Association Japan"
< Tokyo American Club>
November 14th 2024(THU)CRM Best Practice Awards 2024 Case Study by CRM Association Japan
<Online Event with Web conference system (WebEX)>
March, 2025『2024 CRM Best Practice White Paper』Published
  • The CRM holds a workshop once a month which details will be announced by email.
  • Apart from the main schedule listed above, we are also active in external subcommittees and branches.
  • Schedule is subject to change. Details will be periodically upgraded on our website.

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