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■April 1st 2022〜March 31st 2023 Schedule
■April 1st 2023〜March 31st 2024 Schedule
【This event has ended. Thank you for your participation.】
『Challenge 2023』
Sponsored by:
Co-sponsored by:
Date & Time:
January 27, 2023 (FRI) 11:00 -- 14:00(10:40 Reception)
Tokyo American Club
(2-1-2 Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo)MAP
Brooklyn II & III (B2F)

"2022 CRM Best Practice Awards" Case Study
(The event has ended.)
Date and Time: November 16, 2022(WED) 13:30〜17:30
"CRM Best Practice Awards 2022 by CRM Association Japan"
(The event has ended.)
◇ Sponsor by: CRM Association Japan
◇ Date and Time : November 9, 2022(WED)
         09:30--11:45 (09:00 Reception)
◇ Place : Tokyo American Club(B2F Manhattan II & Manhattan III)
     2-1-2 Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo
■『2022 CRM Best Practice Award』Application Information
■『2021 CRM Best Practice White Paper』Published(2022/3/30)

2021 CRM Best Practice Award Result Announcement

2017 CRM Best Practice Award White Paper (Published on March 30, 2018),
Tsu City "Effective use of public assets by Open data policy model" will be published in English.
Tsu city is a municipality that is enthusiastically pursuing CCRM through the leadership of Mayor Maeba and Deputy Mayor Bon-no.
Tsu city is the first municipality to receive the CRM Best Practice Award. In 2017, they won a third prize and also won a prize in 2018.
If you are interested in that, please do read it.



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