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●#110 GIS FORUM TOKYO / CRM Executive Forum Tokyo 2018-1
<<ReGIS & CRM Association Japan Joint Forum>>
#110 GIS FORUM TOKYO / CRM Executive Forum Tokyo 2018-1


We are pleased to inform you that CRM Association Japan will hold a co-sponsored forum with and TechMatrix Co., Ltd with the theme of “Digital Innovation and CRM(CCRM): Japan and the U.S. case”.

This forum is aiming for all members, visitors, CEOs, executive planning officers, CIOs, CTOs, government offices and those in academies with strong interest in management and marketing.

From the United States, we welcome Mr. Joseph Fuster, the Global Head Customer Experience (CX) Cloud at Oracle Headquarters, who will hold a lecture of the topic “Customer Repentance-The Way to the Future”(Tentative title).

From Japan, Mr. Shigeki Miyo (Marketing Headquarters, Product Marketing, Senior Director), will be lecturing the topic "What is the customer relationship that overcomes the 4th industrial revolution?".

As a representative of companies awarded the "2017 CRM Best Practice Award", we will have Mr. Masahiko Suyama of Tokyu Community Corporation and Mr. Koichi Hanada of Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd. give a lecture on their award winning models.

In the panel discussion, we will discuss with the theme "Customer-centric Relationship Management (CCRM) from the viewpoint of user representatives and vendor representatives " with all attendees in the venue.

This forum will be a great opportunity to acquire knowledge of management of customer services for sales headquarters, marketing headquarters, call center supervisor class, and especially municipalities and companies who are looking to apply to "CRM Best Practice Award" this or the upcoming year. We will be waiting for your visit to the Tokyo American Club.

Theme:『Digital Innovation and CRM(CCRM): Japan and the U.S. case』

Research Environment for Global Information Society Inc. (ReGIS Inc.)

Co-sponsor: CRM Association Japan
Cooperation: Co.,Ltd.TechMatrix Corporation
Date and Time: July 10, 2018 (Tue.)
   Part 1 13:30--18:10 (13:00 Reception)
   Part 2 18:20--20:00 (18:10 Reception)

Tokyo American Club B2F (Minato ward, Azabudai)(MAP
   Part 1 Manhattan III   (B2F)
   Part 2 Manhattan II    (B2F)

  Part 1 Tokyo American Club Manhattan III (B2F)
M.C.: Atsushi Otsuka, Senior Director, CRM Association Japan
<Board of Director,SIOS Corporation >
Update 2018-07-10




Opening Remarks
 Mr. Takeshi Nakano, Director, IT Innovation Division,
 Commerce and Information Policy Bureau, Ministry of Economy,
 Trade and Industry (METI)


『Digital Innovation and CCRM - Global Viewpoint』
 Junkyo Fujieda, CEO & President, ReGIS Inc.
 Chairman, CRM Association Japan


『Customer Experience-The road to the future-』
 Mr. H Joseph Fuster,
 Global Head Customer Experience (CX) Cloud,
 Oracle Corporation




『What is the customer relationship that overcomes the 4th industrial revolution?』
 Mr. Shigeki Miyo, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Co., Ltd.


<2017CRM Best Practice Award Winner>
『Implementation model for sharing problems with customers by using 3D images』

 Mr. Masahiko Suyama, Customer center,
 strategic apartment planning dept, Tokyu Community Corporation


<2017CRM Best Practice Award Winner>
『Realization model for behavior management at customer's point of view』

 Mr. Koichi Hanada, Head of Retail Administration Department,
 Retail & Business Banking Division, Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.
<Director Company, CRM Association Japan>


【Panel Discussion】
Theme :『CCRM from the viewpoint of Users and Vendors』

<Panelist> * company name: In the order of the Japanese alphabet

        Junkyo Fujieda, Chairman, CRM Association Japan 


Closing address


Part1 Close

  Part 2 Tokyo American Club Manhattan II (B2F)
GIS Forum & CRM Association Japan Members and Visitors Joint Communication Party
M.C.: Takayuki Atsumi, Dirctor, CRM Association Japan
<Senior Vice President, Dentsu Isobar Inc.>


Opening Remarks:
Mr. Ken Senoo, Director, Enterprise business Division,
Mr. Naofumi Fuke, Deputy President,
Head of Retail & Business Banking Division, Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.
Closing Remarks:
Mr. Naoki Hashi, President, Daiki Information System
<Senior Director, CRM Association Japan>


Part2 Close

  • Deadline:2018/7/4(WED)
  • Admission ticket will be sent to you after your registration is confirmed.
  • Cancellation to be notified by 7/6(FRI) 13:00 to GIS Forum Office.
    (Please understand that our invoice will be effective after that )
  • Place: Tokyo American Club. See detail in the program.

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