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●#117 GIS FORUM TOKYO / CRM Executive Forum Tokyo 2019-2 / Open Technical Forum 2019-3
<<ReGIS & CRM Association Japan Joint Forum>>
#117 GIS FORUM TOKYO / CRM Executive Forum Tokyo 2019-2 / Open Technical Forum 2019-3
Theme:『Digital Vision supporting the management of the future in 2030』
Sponsored by:

Research Environment for Global Information Society Inc. (ReGIS Inc.)

Co-sponsored by: CRM Association JapanThe Open Group
Date and Time: December 4, 2019 (WED.)
   Part1 13:30--17:40 (13:00 Reception)
   Part2 18:00--20:00 (17:50 Reception)

Tokyo American Club(2-1-2 Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo)(<MAP
   Part1 Manhattan 1 (B2F)
   Part2 Brooklyn    3 (B2F)

Update 2019-10-10
Part 1 Tokyo American Club Manhattan I (B2F)
M.C.:Akira Fukushima, ReGIS Inc.
Opening Remarks:
『The latest ICT developments & Innovation in Europe and America』
Junkyo Fujieda,
CEO & President, ReGIS Inc.
Chairman of The Open Group Japan
『Innovation and Future Society』
Mr. Norishige Morimoto,
Vice President, IBM Research & Development, IBM Japan, Ltd
『The future of medicine in the 21st century:Health and longevity in digital society』
Dr. Masato Yasui,
Professor, Department of Pharmacology,
School of Medicine, Keio University.
【Panel Discussion】
Theme:『Challenge to Innovation-Open・CRM(CCRM)・Global !!
-Requests from management, On-site correspondence & experiences etc-』
<Panelists> * Company name, Japanese alphabetical order
 Dr. Shuichiro Yamamoto, Professor, Department of Information Engineering,
 Graduate School of Information Science, Nagoya University
Part1 Closing Address
Dr. Michihiko Minoh, Director, RIKEN
Part1 Closing
Part 2 Tokyo American Club, Brooklyn III (B2F)
【GIS Forum Members, Open Group members & Visitors Communication Party】
☆Christmas & Farewell Party 2019☆
M.C.:Mr. Masamichi Yamamoto, Executive Director, Shinnihon-kogyo Corporation
Opening Speech:
Dr. Seishiro Tsuruho, Principal, HAL Tokyo College of Technology & Design,
Director, Planetway Corporation
Former Director, NTT DATA Corporation, Former President, NTT Software
Corporation(Current NTT TechnoCross Corporation)
Cheers:Mr. Toyohiko Tsuruta, President & CEO, FujiSankei Business i
☆Enjoy lottery☆
Stop halfway:
 Mr. Mitsuhiro Fukamachi, President, ASAHI KOHSAN GROUP(TBC)
Part2 Close

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