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2018 May
CRM Association Japan CEO & Representative Chairman of CRM Association Japan
Junkyo Fujieda
CRM Association Japan Managing Director
Toshio Akiyama

We express our gratitude to all for continued prosperity.
We would like to thank you sincerely for your continued support.

CRM Association Japan is a non-profit organization which all individual members, companies, municipalities and academies get together to widely spread "Customer Centric Relationship Management (CCRM)". We are acting vigorously under the support and cooperation of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Fuji Sankei Business-i.
We also receive the supports of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the area of each of our bases, and is supported by active participation of everyone including the member companies.

We, the Association, have studies the theme how they incorporate "customer centricism" into management and operations. We discuss on the theme through forums, workshops and research societies, etc., while also using web conference mechanisms.
We, the general incorporated association, are promoting research regardless of industry or business with large enterprises and government agencies, small and medium-sized enterprises and make a contribution to the society.

Furthermore, while collaborating with the world's largest marketing portal from the United States by collaborating at the management level, we gather state-of-the-art information from the United States, Europe and Asia etc. widely, and are acting in Tokyo, Hokkaido, Nagoya, Mie, Kansai, Kyushu and Okinawa.

"CRM Best Practice Award" has started in 2004, and it has been our 15th award ceremony this year. We have also published our 14th issue of the White Paper in March 26, 2018. The "CRM Best Practice White Paper" is evaluated as a status report on "Customer-centric Relationship Management (CCRM)". The CRM activity has no end point and is always required an advancement. Customer expectations are rising, and ITs which support CRM are also constantly evolving. Under such circumstance, it is not easy to achieve positive results through CRM efforts. Also, there is no need to produce high positive results in all aspects. Our purpose is to praise the activities which contributed to customer satisfaction and management by making the best use of their characteristics. That is the essence of the "CRM Best Practice Award".
A public offering has started to our 15th "2018 CRM Best Practice Award".
From large companies to government agencies, academies, organizations and venture companies, in addition to companies small and medium-sized to domestic and overseas are all eligible. By sending in an application, all applicants will have the opportunity to objectively recognize their progress situation of CRM after being reviewed by experts of CRM. The CRM efforts of applicants who have received award will be shared through mass media and the white paper to be available for clients, customers, and the public.

Regarding the entry procedure, please see the attached "Application Guide" below. We look forward to the active participation of many of you including guests, members, and vendor recommendations.
This year's "2018 CRM Best Practice Award" ceremony will be held at the Tokyo American Club on October 23rd (TUE).(Already completed.)
Thank you for your continued support to the CRM Association Japan.

Best Regards
CRM Association office

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