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2007 CRM Best Practice Award

CRM Association Japan commends the companies who distinguish themselves in the field of CRM activity by evaluating what they have done every year. Each selected firms and companies make a presentation and explain what they have done at the annual convention. We are happy to announce the names of 13 firms and companies and their awarded basis. If you would like to know far more details, please do not hesitate to contact us.

CRM Association Japan

Basis for receiving a 2007 CRM Best Practice Award
Received firms and enterprise (in alphabetical order)


Accordia Golf Co., Ltd.
Customer BI model
By observing the clients trend, Accordia Golf Co. made a decision to keep up with service qualities from singular to plural to newly construct the customers’ control system centering on the visitors. This kind of attitude to cope with the business design from the viewpoints of clients and customer should be worthy of praise. At the same time as to the accumulated customers’ information, nearly 100 % BI tool can be penetrated to the company as a whole and used at the golf course. We really appreciate and value the CRM construction like this. We would like them to achieve another brilliant success in future.
e-Arena CO., LTD
Customer think e-marketing model
e-Arena Co. originally belongs to distribution industry aiming at B to B style of business and understands the requirement and characteristics of so called “Shop PC”. Accordingly for the problems that manufactures can not deal with, they offer the mechanism to solve the problems by simply presenting the forum with the help of clients’ collaboration. As a result of B to C support, B to B business is backed up thus to bring good profit to the company.
Konica Minolta Business Solutions (China) Co., Ltd
China sales model
There are many Japanese companies doing business in China, however, the problem still remains if we can make full use of Chinese people effectively by understanding their characteristics and talent. Here in Konica Minolta China, with the application of SFA, seminars and training are being held for the Chinese sales people with a strong sprit of independence and self-reliance. Also top management of the company realizing the importance of CRM system from the early stage introduced played an important role in China.
Suntory Corporate Business Co., Ltd
Corporate concierge model
<<Fuji Sankei Business eye Award>>
Suntory Corporate Business is the company to offer all the products and services that Suntory generate to their corporate customers. In materializing this kind of business model, there exists many ideas and means such as design from the customers viewpoint, practical use of well-versed veteran employees familiar with the knowledge of the related company and introduction of special evaluation system. On top of this, they introduced SFA. And this is the good example to have made use of CRM.
Jiyugaoka Flowers Hanadonya Associe
Whole sale of flowers on mail order model
<<Japan Chamber of Commerce Award>>
Jiyugaoka Flowers Hanadonya Associe is not controlled by the conventional wholesale trade and selects specific target clients by himself. With the adequate process design between customers, they are now in business without any competition to end up with proper customer handling system. Ideas and intentions from the leaders came from the top management are strongly reflected to the system. Small business scale may contribute to the success and customers reaction and voices are being penetrated to the company functions such as planning, stock and distribution. This is effectively used.
Seikatsu kyoudou kumiai co-op Sapporo
Partner relationship model
<<Ohboshi award>>
An example of small size retailer in corporation with supplier is reported previously but the success of large-sized like this is very helpful. Without strong leadership and IT, this can not be achieved. It is wonderful, through these activities, to change the way of thinking of the on-site staff, to get rid of the obstacles between the departments. Business up-grade with the partnering supplier feeling the dazzling results by participating in MD project is the great power of promotion.
Toyota Caelum Incorporated
Lead process model
Toyota Caelum Incorporated is the IT firm focused on CAD/CAM system. They hold seminars from which issues they obtain business. In the case like this--like holding the seminars--how to find the prospects is the key to success of business. This may effects customer satisfaction later on. The process called “Lead” makes it logically acceptable and is put into practice by asking active questionnaires. This is also interesting in terms of bottom-up structure.
Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd.
Total customer experience model
The most important part of CRM is to come up with company’s direction and behavior standard and if they fail to do so, company always suffer from the expected CRM result. Hewlett Packard complied with this process develops globally. In fact process design and control mechanism must be highly spoken of, but there is no such description. It is difficult to judge properly the system but we evaluated business result.
Hitachi Electronics Services Co., Ltd.
Large-scale package service model
This is the realization of large scaled maintenance service system. This is nothing innovative as opposed to the past awarded enterprises. However we can honor and evaluate the objective “From maintenance system to system life cycle management solution” we evaluated this time effective introduction large-scale project. Generally speaking it is difficult for maintenance service to be effective in package. This one is a successful example though.
Fukui kenmin co-op.
Life style proposal model
In general according to the Coop’s regulations and manual they should not be engaged in business crossing border line. On the contrary centering on the lifestyle of coop members, their objective is to convey information and make proposal in the area of nursing care and child raising. Mechanism like customer data base and call center could be integrated to one of the model cases. This is a successful pattern for Coop to work with the members.
Matsushita Electric Panasonic AVC Networks
VOC Development model
Maruzen introduced SFA to so called main battle field “University Market” and this will have a gradual results. They devise new structure such as cooperation with the tool they are familiar with, adaptation with sales seminar, and common platform to do business. This is designed for usual operation system. In case of old fashioned business, people are very conservative toward new devices and new structure. This case may change the image of “Maruzen of book Sales to something else”.
Yokosuka Municipal Office
Local office outsourcing model
Introduction of call centers at the local office made progress and Yokosuaka Municipal Offices’ efforts to tackle planning and production increase should be evaluated. They are trying to materialize the various projects that the resident of Yokosuka persuaded like existence of the object, planning from residents’ eye and out sourcing. We expect from now on this trend to change municipal office as a whole.
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