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2021 CRM Best Practice Award Summary
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「2021 CRM Best Practice Awards」Winner List


2021 CRM Best Practice Award Summary


<Executive Summary>
2021 CRM Best Practice Awards
Companies/Model Name
■Kobe City
 Mayor's Office, Public Relations Strategy Division
Contributing to Citizens through Operation-Integrated FAQ model
Kobe city has been struggling to reduce the number of inquiries to the call center, which have been increasing year by year. Considering an operation-integrated FAQ system to immediately register the FAQ search results into a database in order to help as many citizens as possible to respond their inquiries and conducted a demonstration experiment on how to sort household garbage. As a result of comparing the old and new FAQ system tests with the participation of about 1,600 citizens, the city could obtain a satisfaction level of more than 80% and a high rate of correct answers. Full-scale implementation including introduction in other areas is expected in near future. This is a case in which the attitude and results of contributing to the citizens through effective introduction of FAQ system are commended.
■Go-Top Corporation
Business transformation challenge model by new business development
Go-Top, whose core business has been printing, has begun to reform its business based on CRM and DX in response to the drastic changes in the business environment. Currently, the company is advocating "an IT solution provider with printing as its core business" by actively engaging in new IT solution businesses (Webinar support, “kintone” solutions) that it has never handled before, and has started to provide value in new areas. This has led to not only profit contributions to the company, but also a steady increase in customer satisfaction and recommendations.
■Saison Information Systems Co.,Ltd.
 Customer Service Center
 - Continuation award -
Improving renewal rates through by AI analysis of customer inquiry model
This is a good example of how AI analysis can be used for prediction in customer service center operations, leading to customer satisfaction. By analyzing the inquiry data, the company was able to recognize problems before they occurred and proactively respond to them, leading to an increase in the renewal rate of support contracts. The efforts to combine the results of AI analysis with the experience and intuition of the engineers working in the field, is a model for other companies. It is expected that this will lead to improvements in products and services as well as in the customer support process.
■Cerezo Osaka Corporation
Problem-solving sponsorship promotion model
Cerezo Osaka provides the most exciting soccer entertainment together with fans and sponsors. In addition to strengthening the team and improving fan satisfaction, sponsorship also contributes to branding and solving business issues for the sponsor companies. With the diversification of the service menu, SFA was introduced to the entire sponsorship process to develop a menu tailored to customer needs and to effectively support the marketing activities conducted by the sponsor companies. This is a good example of how early detection of issues and streamlining of operations has increased the time available for creating customer value.
Becoming an International City of Art and Culture with the SDGs
While Toshima-ku is the best place for dual-income family to raise children, it is also where to many single elderly households and foreign residents, giving it a full of rich and unique character. Toshima-ku is evolving into a sustainable city where "Everyone can play a leading role" by adopting the perspective of the SDGs, "No one is left behind”. The ward is actively developing the "stage" of the entire city by promoting the creation of a cooperative framework through the "All-Toshima" public-private partnership, and by creating new exchanges and liveliness through cultural policies and community development projects, including international cultural exchanges. This is a case various dissemination and awareness-raising activities so that each and every resident can take concrete actions and play a leading role on the “stage”.
■Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten Co.,Ltd.
 - Oboshi award -
Realizing Tradition and Newness through CRM model
Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and retailer of household goods based on craftsmanship. The company's vision is to "revitalize Japan's crafts" and it also provides management consulting services specific to the craft industry. Rather than just focusing on the quantified results of digital marketing, the company focused on CRM activities based on customer's understanding and credibility of the brand, and a method to utilize these with purchase data. In the real stores, they especially defined customers as whom we could build a relationship of mutual trust, and analyzed their purchase behavior. As a result of these activities, they succeeded in significantly improving the e-mail open rate and click rate compared to conventional mail magazines. In addition, the company is pursuing what the cooperation way with social media should be.
■Vision, Inc.
 Communication & Marketing Group CLT
 - Continuation award -
PULL-type LTV improvement model
With its corporate philosophy of “Contributing to the information and communications industry revolution, Vision has achieved significant growth by creating new businesses in line with its philosophy of "Never forget the venture spirit". These efforts have contributed to create the new value with CRM Best Practice Award for 10 times. However, the COVID-19 calamity caused a drastic change in the business environment, and the performance of the new businesses that had been growing became difficult. In order to cope with this, they started to rebuild the company-wide CCRM model in 2020. As a result, the company used this rebuilt infrastructure and ICT to promote PULL-type sales in the information and communications business, which was the company's founding business, and successfully has improved business performance. The company is also promoting a strategy to apply this model to new businesses such as “Glamping”.
■Hino City
 Planning Department, Planning and Management Division
The model for Mutual aid for food in Coronavirus disaster
While the new coronavirus infection, which is having a serious impact on the lives and activities of the citizen, is not yet under control, the "Hino City Delivery Car Project" was planned and implemented as a project to deal with two issues: restaurant businesses that have difficulty continuing their operations due to the request for self-restraint, and the increase of the elderly people who has difficulty to shop due to the refrain from going out and using public transportation to prevent infection. The city has been promoting a model of sharing issues with citizens and local businesses through dialogues and working together to solve. This is an example of building a food network for mutual assistance by promptly responding to "new lifestyles". It is expected that citizen will continue to support each other through "mutual aid" in order to realize a community that can resolve local issues.
■FORUM 8 Co., Ltd.
 President Secretary, Tokyo Head Office
 - Continuation award -
Customer Development and Remote Sales Model
Forum 8 has been promoting to penetrate CRM throughout the company's organization, by changing the departments in charge every year. Secretary office took the lead this year. They dared to use the Corona disaster as leverage to innovate work styles, improve work-life balance, and acquire remote sales skills using the Internet, which they actively promoted company-wide in close cooperation with related departments under the direct supervision of top management. As a result of proactively conducting remote seminars and exhibitions, the number of seminar participants increased several times and the sales increased by double digits. This VR technology is attracting international interest, and by establishing methods for customer development and collaboration using the network, the company has expanded sales opportunities for remote areas and overseas.
■Honda Auto Mie
 - Continuation award -
Sharing a sense of crisis and a breakthrough model through company-wide CRM
Honda Auto Mie shared its sense of crisis by disclosing to all employees the declining sales performance and deteriorating management indicators due to the new Corona disaster on a quarterly basis. At the same time, they reconfirmed the importance of the communication with customers that they have been promoting, and the significance of the company-wide efforts to operate a "Security Network" that responds immediately to customer troubles for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, which other companies in the same industry are unable to follow. It can be said that this is a case which not only the top management but also all employees recognize that customer satisfaction supports the company's business performance, and through the implementation of CRM, the company is confronting the difficult situation.
■Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.
 - Fuji Sankei Business-i Award -
 - Continuation award -
CRM model with a long-term perspective that connects generations
With an eye on the long-term market outlook, such as continuously responding to the asset management needs of the elderly and improving engagement with their families in the era of 100 years of life, they have developed a consulting model that enhances the "power of listening”. By organically combining "people", "digital" and "channels", they are able to connect with each and every customer in a more sophisticated way than ever before, and to grasp the true pain points from the customer's voice. In consequence they are able to provide the most appropriate products and services at the most appropriate time through the most appropriate channels, and have been able to increase customers' assets under custody and improve their overall satisfaction.
■Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Club Co., Ltd. (Issuer of Diners Club cards)
Special hospitality on individual customer model
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Club Co., Ltd. is the only company in Japan that issues and operates the Diners Club Card, an international credit card brand. Despite they hold a variety of information like its members' preferences from the nature of its business, they have not been able to effectively utilize them in their contact with members. In order to step forward and transform it into strength, they built an integrated CRM platform to promote the provision of high value-added services from the customer's point of view, thereby improving customer satisfaction and strengthening engagement. They have also succeeded in providing more personalized "special hospitality" by instilling a customer-centric approach throughout the company. In the future, it is expected the development of even more advanced services from the perspective of the "individual customer" by using AI.
■Yamaha Corporation
Sensitivity improvement on Customer experience model
Yamaha is taking on the challenge of transforming its business model to one that directly connects with customers digitally, deepens understanding, and creates value together with them. In this context, they are promoting initiatives to increase employee interest in and sensitivity to customer experience with the aim of fostering a corporate culture that continuously create excellent customer experiences together with customers. Specifically, they have established a training method using a pause and voice that include the real experiences and feelings of customers, and have begun to introduce this method internally with high expectations from their management. In order to improve the customer experience on a company-wide basis, it is extremely important not only to create a system but also to foster a corporate culture that makes the most of a system.
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