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2010 CRM Best Practice Award Summary
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■ Amagasaki City
City Planning Model using FAQ
magasaki City call center has succeeded in achieving two basic philosophies “City office for the citizens" and " Office staff for the citizens". One of the outstanding example is that when the new influenza went around, country and the prefecture cooperated structuring information FAQ, and corresponded to the inquiries of the citizens over 1,000 per one day and this activity shows that the call center makes contribution to promoting “intellectual quality” as well as increasing service consideration as a good partner for community development.
■ Oisix Inc.
  < Oboshi Award >
Deepened Relationship Model among Consumers and Producers
Oisix Inc. is their second time to win an award since 2006. First time, the company’s new business model has been evaluated by which the customer ties directly to the farmer of organic farming. And second time the business know-how is accumulated afterwards they have expanded business range of customers. They offer not only the products but also experiences of good taste through introducing the recipe to the customer who buys organic vegetables.
■ Cadish Inc.
CCRM Venture Business Model
Cadish is pursuing the mechanism of effective outputs when offering the reservation system for inns and hotels. Moreover, it offers the technique of an attractive home page creation, but more importantly it also supports the ideal way of the management for the inns and the hotels in sales. It also develops “Seven Principles” that improves the customer’s satisfaction. The concept of this actions is getting more higher customer satisfaction of B to B to C than the customer satisfaction of B to B.
■, Inc.
Personalized Service of Healthy Market Model
Abundant products menu has materialized in a health field of the E-commerce business. They have been achieving their goal by providing “Safe and comfortable purchase environment" in which customers can return their products regardless of any reasons. Inc. also attempts the improvement of convenience to use by customizing the content of the display to each individual according to the purchase history. It also pursue useful information for the customer by shooting a campaign to urge the increase more writing customer experience and issuing “Kenkomi newspaper” for more useful information.
■ Cyber Campus Consortium - TIES
E-contents University Model
TIES have made an attempt to operate a cyber campus in field of E-learning for 15years, which gathered 76 universities, including over 1,000 teachers, and 60,000 students. In addition, digitalized teaching materials (text books and videos) improved the intellectual levels of teachers and students.
■ Tokyo College of Music
Job-hunting Support Model
It is a mechanism of CRM that has the functions to support the job-hunting for students. Dissemination and reservation procedure supports and also series of function for students with poor career prospect. Information can be inspected at any time 24 hours regardless of the place and paperless in procedure improved the efficiency. Moreover, it is utilized as information exchange place among students and graduates.
■ Nikko Cordial Securities Inc.
  < Fujisankei Business i Award >
Sales Integration Evolution Model
It is an evolved case of model, "Business mix model" etc. After service has approaching a further customer based on the customer segment, and the business sales office is cooperated with the contact center. The strategies, the process design, the customer point of contact, are consistently being designed as an architected basic of "Customer-centric relationship management".
  Business Policy Planning Office, Medical Treatment Business Division
E-communications with Ophthalmologist Model
It is a case where convenience is considered when to receive e-mail magazine for the ophthalmologist. The e-mail magazine tends to become a one-sided content, but improved its open rate by understanding behavioral trait and adjusting the delivery time etc. Moreover, it exerts ingenuity in the operation of membership organization for the ophthalmologist
■ Panasonic Corporation
  VOC Office, CS Promotion Center, AVC Networks Company
Developed VOC Online Manual Model
It is the latest case with this company that positively works on the reform based on VOC. They have set up audio-video equipments connected to the network, as if the support channel is in the product itself. Wisdom of the manufacturer can be seen from the product which the service function is included. It also offers the guidance which distinguishes to the connecting equipment. Moreover, usability is improved which made it possible to operate with one remote control.
■ Hyoue Inn President's Office
Traditional Inn Hospitality BPR Model
Emphasizing a good old traditional and branded inn, the management team is transforming the business focusing on the customer needs. The idea of this conference was made embodied into this model of CRM.The management system for customer development, promotion, and retention is based on the customer opinions who received an “additional interest” (which means lasting hospitality impression) by excellent service.
■ Mie Prefecture Revenue and Expenditure Bureau
Productivity and Governance Co-existing of the Administration Model
It is a model of CRM that supports according to accounting employee's business proficiency, treating accounting employees are customers from HO governance control office.
By arranging accounting employee of each public office building, amount of revising decreased and business accounting was properly optimized. It enriches the CRM supports by the portal site, and information (mission, vision, strategy) were able to be shared with each other. They also use Balanced Score method as own tool for CCRM.
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