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2009 CRM Best Practice Award
- pursuing Customer Centric Relation Management (CCRM)

CRM Association-Japan commends the companies who distinguish themselves in the field of CRM activity by evaluating what they have done every year. Each selected firms and companies make a presentation and explain what they have done at the annual convention. We are happy to announce the names of 13 firms and companies and their awarded basis. If you would like to know far more details, please do not hesitate to contact us.

CRM Association-Japan


Consumers Cooperative Fukui
≪Oboshi Award≫
Union members advanced-communication model
As a cooperative association having a theme for relation built on long-term relationship with the union members who mainly run a nonstore enterprise, they utilize cell-phone text-messaging and the call center effectively to strengthen the relationship with union members. They send coupons and distribute information user needs to mobile phones at the same time. These detailed responses and “Step up reduction system”, which is the more you use the more you become reduced system, are the success to expand the loyal customers.
JIMOS Co., Ltd.
Contact center Division
Customer support optimization model
They are mail-order support center mainly on cosmetics, growing their “Imagination” by focusing on “Imagination for customers”, “Imagination for comrades”, and operators participate in the business planning. These create a high motivated organization. Moreover, they make effective use of skill-based routing technology which maximizes the utilization of individual skills. The result shows development in business operation with high motivation without providing incentives. The call center is advanced and well-established as an organization.
KOBAYASHI Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Consumer Relations Division
Realization of VOC with Top management and Service Desk
It is a typical example of VOC to make use of putting customer’s inquiries and suggestions for product development and improvement into practice. Moreover, it is to their credit that the top management takes the lead in holding meetings with ideas for customer centric management and showing results by taking advantage of it in various product development and product improvement. They also focus on improving the quality of the response to customers, the rate of receiving calls, hearing techniques, and the expertise of making advice. It may be said that these are examples showing that CRM activity contributes to management.
Kumamoto City (Higomaru call)
Citizens’ view based call center model
Higomaru call is a community-based call center made from a view point of citizens. They have been making meticulous efforts by checking and filling a gap between the citizen's and the city staff viewpoints in the call center. Additionally, they have been providing information in the FAQ to encourage citizens to answer their own questions. They also utilize the call center as the service representative which citizens could casually ask any questions about their civilian life. By this call center establishment, there could reduce the call volume in each event than usual and curb the city staff increase.
KVH Co. Ltd.
Infrastructure business support model
This is a case that introduces and utilizes a CRM system extensively in the infrastructure business of the communication/IT management area. The CRM system streamlines the support process and reduces investment for the expansion of the business. In addition, they put together an organization for the achievement of KPI for immediate support in case of its service failure, which improves the customer service and that has been showing successful results by receiving additional orders.
Nikko Cordial Securities Inc.
Sales integrated contact center model
In spite of many restrictions in the financial industry, they are given an enormous credit. They moved one step further from their award last year which was focusing on the contact center. They reformed the structure of management of business, adding vision of sales center and channel mix. VOC collection & analysis of each touch point is moving ahead and interactional approach has been consistently-effective. Using this system as a foundation, we expect that the structure will improve to meet growing “expectations” of customers in the years ahead.
Panasonic Corporation
Digital AVC Products Marketing Division, CRM Promotion Office
Advanced unified brand operation model
This is an excellent example of building a web site for the corporation name change from Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd into Panasonic Corporation as unified brand. It is valued that the major company took initiative to make efforts for unified brand-building. It would appear that it will be challenging to coordinate internal related departments with the activity and how they utilize this system. Users can register their purchased products at Club Panasonic. It is expected to be advanced furthermore, if they could make another approach and suggestions to the users.
Customer Satisfaction Management Office
Collaborative CS promotion model
This is a realized collaboration case that connects users of the information magazines and the internet users published by Recruit. The independent CS promotion department solves the assignment by setting reliable KPI and using VOC gathered from the information magazines and the internet. CS promotion department support sales in the process and encourage new suggestions that correspond to customer needs to clients. This creates “collaboration” loop that gives new business to clients and satisfaction to customers. It is valued that this is organized.
Ricoh Company, Ltd.
Ricoh Global Services Business Center, Global Marketing Group
Global sales integrated model
This is an excellent case that supports CRM activities for a huge multinational leading company in 5 regions in a cross-sectoral manner. They make use of what they have as a multinational company and pursue the needs and support increase in sales and provide consistent service. Various measures can be seen such as combining CRM system, education for knowledge and skills which are necessary for global sales, and combining what they have to prepare at the HQ with things you have to complement in each region.
Rinnai Corporation
Administration Division, e Business Promotion Office
Customer analysis examination model by academic-industrial cooperation
This is a good example that has a trial of customer analysis, undertaking the joint study with the university. They defined the loyal customers by putting related elements into variables and build the basis of promotional activities by making use of their featuring support system which is after-sales checkup. Moreover, they built the system for collecting voice of customers on direct online sales site. It is expected that accuracy improvement of modeling and better suggestions should be made to customers in the future.
Sapporo Maruyama Zoo
≪Fujisankei Business i award≫
Customer participating event model
This is a case of making sweeping changes to create a new zoo in full strength including top management, by taking advantage of their reproduction technique, conveying a message such as the importance of life and environmental issues of habitat. The zoo changed the visitors’ behavior to participate events aggressively by providing experience and impression. As a result, the visitors increased and the rate of repeat visitors improved. It is thought-provoking that they did not introduce the integrative CRM system, but succeeded in building relation with customers without depending on IT.
Shiseido Co., Ltd.
Integrated real time BI model
Shiseido recently receives attention by reconsidering its customer strategy. It was stunning news that the quota was abolished for beauty experts and sales staffs. It seems that this system was built under the word of their president, “It is the time for competition in CS rather than sales.” This time, we appraised them for the integration of more than 200 systems and data and construction of the large-scale marketing system that enabled prompt actions of the staff. The important point is the consistency with the customer correspondence strategy that is mentioned above.
Vision Inc.
Web strategy Div.
Sales outsourcing model
They build a business strategically that matches service providing companies with end users. Mainly sales representative for the service providing companies and they also provide added value for end user’s “procurement.” Moreover, they utilize IT. Besides making use of existing sales support system in providing their own service, they make proposals of SNS and Web to the service providing companies aggressively. The business scheme will enable strategic proposals for end users in the future.
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