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ASKUL Corporation Customer Relationship Management
Active VOC - Driving Whole Company - Model
Understanding whole picture of company business, designing and actions are crucial for customer contact department to play a role of a strategic CRM department. ASKUL is one of best practices of the companies realized it. They realize leading ability for the companyf development and make use of active support using social network service. They are making a step to construct a platform with customers, partners and employees.
SMBC Nikko Securities Inc.
@@Continuance Award
Finance Service - Enhanced Follow-up - Model
SMBC Nikko Securities improved sales efficiency by cooperation of each customer contact department. Based on customersf strong needs for follow-up activities after sales of financial goods, which is generally perceived difficult in practice, they fattened out follow call organization and content this time. As a result, customer satisfaction came up to high level and it contributed to prevent rescission of contracts. This is a compilation of models for enhancing sales activities. Expanding customer centric practices to other departments is expected as the next step.
Kanematsu & Co., Ltd. Web Marketing Office
Continuously Loved Service Model
Kanematsu consolidated voice of customers (dressing-down, compliment and request) on the web and shops and made use of them to improve goods, customer care and service by cooperation of each department. They achieved to provide goods and maintenance service to be loved continuously not only functional goods. In shops, they give ghappy timeh and gshop staff service beyond customer expectationh during shopping. These additional value established structure for advancing service model to keep a high brand power.
Kobe City Citizen Participation Promotion Bureau
@@Fujisankei Business i Award
Citizenf s Voice Utilization Model
Kobe city established a general call center, and then they solved harmful effect of sectionalism and improved operational efficiency. Also they consolidated and made a database of more than 100thausand citizensf voice which had been received by many ways before. They analyzed quantitative trend by content and topic. Due to it, it became able to visualize citizensf voice and more appropriately reflect them to municipal government.
Jinya Ryokan (Tsurumaki Onsen Motoyu Jinya)
Service Process Cooperation Model in Ryokan
Jinya visualized service process and status from reservation to check out, and introduced an information system to connect front desk, rooms, kitchen and restaurants for enhancing service to individual customers. They succeeded in PDCA improvement by visualizing and utilizing information with smartphone and tablet terminal. There was not only sales growth by customer satisfaction improvement but also purchase cost decrease and optimization of employment cost.
Narumi Corporation Direct Sales Shop Group, Marketing Division
Individual Customer Marketing Model
CRM project across Divisions was established for a shift from product out style based on goodsf abilities to marketing style begun at gcustomersf needsh.In the wake of the project, they established gcustomer communication centerh. Due to operations of manufacturer direct shopping site, they introduced a system which enabled interactive communications with customers and consolidated records. Enhanced following emails to purchase customers and produced large results by continuative individual customer communication.
Panasonic Corporation VOC Office,
@@CS Promotion Center, AVC Networks Company
@@Continuance Award
Network Home Electronics Support Model
Panasonic provided operation guide by diagnosing TV setting and status last year. With the view of digitalization and networked trend, they established a site to support network connection of complicated AV equipment. Network setting became specialist content according to circumstances, so there were comprehensive steps of beginning guide and practical guide. More than 70thausand people used it as of July 2012, they offered way to enjoy AV equipment using Web.
Vision Inc.CLT (Customer Loyalty Team)
@@Oboshi Award
Retention Type CRM Innovative Model
Vision changed policy from the strategy placing the highest priority on acquirement sales to customer retention by customer satisfaction improvement. Each customer is individually took care of by an after-follow staff, and they regularly contact all customer and provide thorough detailed following up activity. They defined customer satisfaction level by adding their business features and utilize it as KPI. As a result, they succeeded in profit improvement by gaining opportunities of service additional orders based on contract review, and improving churn rate.
Bears Co., Ltd.
Housekeeping Service Market Development Model
Bears is developing market for more families to be able to use housekeeping services. They expand business according to customersf needs and add many kinds of service menu. gSatisfactional managerh listens to customerfs request in advance, offers detailed service and selects appropriate staff based on the requests. They do customers satisfaction research as well.
Honda Cars MIENAKA
Car Maintenance by Service Enhancement Model
gReassurance network systemh is emergency service for customers who confront accident or breakdown. Honda Cars MIENAKA accumulated and made graphs of handling records. Based on the analyzed data, they offered services from customerfs point of view such as gservice to prevent breakdown by thorough practice of yearly checkingh and g6days off a year (year-end and new-year only)h which is rare for car dealers in Japan. This is a case that improved customer satisfaction and sales results by doing maintenance checking and offering enhanced service for safety and security, based on their management policy of gWork around customer first anytimeh.
Nisshindo Co.,Ltd
Eco CRM Proposed Model
They widen the circle of customers who are interested in ecology-oriented and welfare by gecoh name cards. They use social network and provide gusers networking eventsh as opportunities for communication between their customers. They widen the circle of people who share the value of gprotection of the global environmenth and ggentleness to othersh. Nissindofs customerfs basement is built by funs united by strong sympathy.
MonotaRO Co.,Ltd. IR. PR. Internal Control Office
CRM Model Supporting Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Manufacturers
Monotaro operates an internet site available more than 2million items (for maintenance, repair, operation). Their logistic center can ship out in the same day of order and they set fixed price regardless of purchase numbers. These support not only small and medium-sized manufactures but car repair shops and constructions. Percentage of customer repeat keeps more than 80% by efficient promotion and continues service improvements based on customersf behaviors such as customer profile and order and inquiry records. They play a role to support Japanfs manufactures by serving more than 800thausand customers, which is increasing yearly.
Yamashiro Management Development Institute Ltd.
Graduatesf Experience Value Diffusion Model
They operate forums for management level employees to cultivate business leaders. Have organized forum graduates since 25years ago, and established place for lifetime learning (KAE meeting). They recovered earnings due to graduatesf word of mouth producing a result of attracting customers efficiently. This is an efficient CRM model that experience value on member network activities diffuse to new customers.
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