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2017 CRM Best Practice Award Summary
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u2017 CRM Best Practice AwardsvWinner List


2017 CRM Best Practice Award Summary


2017 CRM Best Practice Awards
Awarded companies and organizations (In order of Japanese alphabet)
SMBC Nikko Securities Inc.
 Continuance award
Chatbot initial introducing model
In addition to conventional gChath and gLINEh, as a measure for expanding the touch points to the customers in gProperty formative periodh, they are the first to introduce gChatboth with cooperation with their operators. They are, while taking advantage of the knowledge gained through daily customer support operations at the contact center to the tuning of AI, putting emphasis on monitoring by gChatboth operating staff and operators, and they successfully developed atmosphere of feeling free to contact. They have a plan to expand their services including more inquiries based on customer needs, even though they now mainly provide guidance for various procedures, Further improvement would be expected.
High quality in e-mail correspondence model
Last year, with the efforts using their originally developed KPI "thank you rate", they realized the improvement of operator's response quality and motivation at call center. This year, with the aim of improvement in response content quality in e-mail correspondence, they are be sure to follow their "Creed", such as "We sincerely read with attention the mail from the customer, rather than just reading" and "We will respond to expectations and feelings, rather than just answering customer's question". Moreover the number of gthank-youh mail is increased, because the mail sentences, which is not gfixed formath type sentences, fits into their feeling by "training for writing sentences" and "monitoring by supervisors"
 Oboshi Award
Downtime reduction by preventive service model
By utilizing IoT data acquired through SOS operation, they provide outbound services to prevent from equipment failures of printers beforehand and real-time fixing services by linking on-site workers smartphones, as a service that brings close to "downtime zero". This system could prevented 86% of the operation stop, and result in significant improvement in customer satisfaction. They also are striving to establish further relationships with customers with 360 degree correspondence including Service, Sales and Marketing through introduction of gOnline siteh which can purchase consumable items immediately and companywide gCustomer management systemh.
 Sports & Cultural Event Business Development Unit
 Fuji Sankei Business-i Award
The first step of developing basketball fan model
gActivation of the sports market through realization of a new style of watching sport gamesh is practiced by ICT technology ", which is the first step of efforts to develop basketball fans. When a large number of Basketball players nationwide come to the games, it would be great potential to grow. While in the future, they are planning to do the integrated marketing of using logs of ginterest segmenth, professional playersf data, ticket purchasing records, and fan club data, this time they are focusing to launch ga cheering applicationh as an integrated communication model with fans. This is a good case which the heart of fans become one and their satisfaction level was improved.
Saison Information Systems Co., Ltd.
 HULFT Department
Software product quality improvement by Usage pattern model
As the large number of software products widely introduced, they realized the quality of products and reduction of troubles at customers' site by identifying issues and improving activities using TOGAF' s ADM cycle, which is a framework of developing enterprise architecture. They design the test pattern in reflecting the product usage, and review the design document from the perspective of a third party at the early stage of the design document development. Due to the utilization of the product function matrix reflecting VOC, the failure rate decreased by 20% compared with the previous year, and the customer satisfaction level improved by 7%. This is a good example of using CRM activities to improve the quality of product design.
Zurich Life Insurance Company Ltd.
100-day CRM improvement model
100-day plan is to implement the organizational change in units of 100-days. They appeal their products to more customers and agents in the business partners in order to sell their products through a number of channels that are highly convenient and tailored to customer requirements by gZurich Qualityh as a high quality service. That is a good example of practicing change from customer's point of view in the entire life cycle of insurance contract business, from information request, estimate and application procedure. Especially gWomen's only dialsh that correspond only to female staff at asking the insurance claims and benefits, which take into consideration the sentiments of female customers, are particularly attractive.
Tsu City
Effective use of public assets by Open data policy model
While continuing various activities to build a trustful relationship with citizens as awarded last year, they now are developing new services for citizen, building further assets and creating new investment capabilities concretely. They are promoting measures such as effective utilization of existing facilities, compounding and co-using of facility functions, disposal and lending of idle lands and buildings, securing revenue by effectively utilizing vacant spaces to increase further investment power with limited resources. In order to realize that, they actively utilize some IT tools and are also working on promoting open data which is necessary information to citizens.
Tokyu Community Corporation
 Customer center
Common understanding of problem by 3D image model
Last year they opened a customer center and improved service levels in various ways by integrating service inquiries from customers. This year they further deepen its efforts to raise the customer value and contribute to the improvement of employee satisfaction. Especially by customizing the customer's building image to 3D data and collaborating with basic information on buildings and the repairing history, when responding to incoming calls from customers, their operators can smoothly respond by sharing images of inside the building. In addition, even if the executive officer of the customer changes, the system that accurately hands over the construction history and scope provide the value as a partner who continuously keeps in touch as a management company.
Toshima City
7 days a week one-stop contact center model
At the same time as the opening of the new office building in May 2015, they opened a "representative number integrated call center" for open all-year-round to improve the service of the citizens and users (hereinafter referred to as users). They regard the user as a customer and are working on the operation of the call center under the recognition that "the representative number is the face of the ward."
 In addition to collecting opinions from users and analyzing the operation history, etc. in one stop, it leads to improvements in the operations of the competent division, and opinions and requests received from the district as "the voice of the citizens" This is a good example of an urban type call center that is collaborating with the department concerned and working on CRM compliance, including reporting it to policies.
Vision, Inc.
 Continuance award
Web service enhanced model
Their global Wi-Fi router rental service "Global WiFi®" is rapidly expanding among overseas travelers, business travelers, inbound visitors to Japan. Along with this, in order to respond to ever-increasing inquiries, by strengthening and enriching correspondence using the Web services such as gChath, they improve customer satisfaction while reducing the load of inquiries through telephone. In addition, they develop and provide comprehensive services which are useful when traveling overseas at a user's point of view such as offering convenience of handover by the introduction of a locker system linked with the Web service, and providing wearable translating devices and information media services, and enriching corporate services.
FORUM8 Co., Ltd.
 Development department
Communication between R&D people and industrial stakeholders model
Based on CAD technology for civil engineering and construction, they provide an advanced simulation system for automatic driving. Their R&D people actively visit the product introduction seminar and the user community for direct communication with the user and digging up latent needs. They also directly respond to complaints and inquiries, so that user needs can be finely grasped and accurately reflected on products. In addition, they play a role of promoting the use of advanced technology among industry stakeholders, by adapting advanced technologies actively in collaboration with domestic and overseas universities and research institutions, and introducing them at the international forum.
Broadleaf Co., Ltd.
Purchase order of consumables received by Outbound call model
They have networked automobile aftermarket business such as automobile repair garages and parts shoppers, and establish an "outbound marketing center model" to increase customer convenience and increase sales of consumable supplies. Consumption and timing are predicted from the previous purchase so that there is no trouble due to insufficient inventory of consumables required for their customer's business. It is the CRM activity that aims to solve each customer's problems in advance, such as by making an outbound call from the call center before receiving an order from their customer.
Honda Auto Mie
Satisfaction improvement by sharing the progress of the work model
They built a mechanism to centrally manage task progress information of ordered automobile repair works (painting body metals). Working progress information in painting sheet metal widely shares with not only the maintenance staff at the sales branch but also with headquarters and other sales branches, so that the progress data timely are entered into the system by the repair staff. Additionally the speed of repair works become quicker, and eventually it is possible to inform the progress status to the customer at an earlier stage. This is a case that leads to improve customer satisfaction.
Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.
Behavior management at customer's point of view model
The new-generation Mizuho Securities, born by the merger in January 2013, realizes the "comprehensive financial consulting group" who thoroughly implements "Customer First" as an integration of Bank, Trust bank and Security, based on the group strategy "One MIZUHO". They introduce "M-Axel" which is behavior management model at customer's point of view, and 1) grasping customer needs, 2) maximizing the number of approaches, 3) saving customer information and continuously following up, which result in deepening the sales behavior model as the offline securities company who is to meet and consult, in order to increase the assets on deposit and improve customer satisfaction.
Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd.
 Contact Center Planning Department
The use of VOC and other relevant data model
While they have been putting efforts on the use of VOC by the introduction of Japanese analysis system several years ago, they now start to utilize the voice of the operator in addition to the customer to improve their operation in the VOC sharing meeting. They prioritize on the proposed ideas for business improvement based on the data analysis and provide feedback, which result in both motivation of operators and improvement of retention rate. It is an good example of strengthening the step of hypothesis, analysis, and measurement planning. Further improvement in analysis ability and speedup can be expected in the future.
Rakuten Direct Inc.
 Customer support group
Both Cost reduction and Customer satisfaction by VOC model
They conduct customer satisfaction survey and steadily implement the improvement actions after the merge of two companies in 2017. The pursuit of its thoroughness and speediness meets with their corporate culture as Rakuten group, which is also a result of a deep commitment of their top management. As a result, they succeed in significant reduction of "a rate of inquiry contact" and gcost for CS activitiesh. In addition, the thoroughly activity of "empathy" development results in greatly improving customer satisfaction score. By improving customer satisfaction while lowering costs, it contributed greatly to increase both sales and profits.

Summary of reasons of winning awards
2017 CRM Encouraging Awards
Awarded companies and organizations
Juzensha Co., Ltd.
In order to realize "a valuable funeral" as a community-based funeral service business, they think of and listen closely to the family, and provide a personal funeral to fit each deceased, under the social the trend towards of the nuclear family, weak personal links, away from Religion away, and a low birthrate & an aging society. They organize the "mariko no kai " for not only the person who makes preparations for one's death, but also the family member relation in the second degree. This is a good example, which they respect the feelings of both side the mourner and the deceased in order to make the mourner feel at ease.

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