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2015 CRM Best Practice Award Summary
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u2015 CRM Best Practice AwardsvWinner List


2015 CRM Best Practice Award Summary


2015 CRM Best Practice Awards
Awarded companies and organizations (In order of Japanese alphabet)
AXA Direct Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
Direct Insurance, Customer Touchpoint Enhancement Model
Axa Direct drives proactive omni-channel actions unique for direct business, to realize gto lower the hurdle to comprehend insurance product.h Actions include diversifications of touchpoints, services in which customers can get support from call center by sharing screens, 24/7 web chat with AI that enables customers to resolve questions real-time, which resolves frustration of customers. This is excellent example that improves customer satisfactions and drives business by applying information technology to resolve challenges in communications with customers.
SMBC Nikko Securities Inc.
@Continuance award
Life-time asset development & customer cultivation model
They have worked to address need for managing assets, and in this activity they tried to establish relationship with target customers who aim to develop assets, in order to cultivate future customers. In order for them to be closer to customers, they enriched seminars and online services for customers who aim to develop assets, executed channel mix approaches that integrate contact center and website/email, and established customer advisors. They realized scheme to support to develop life-time assets by integrating conventional CRM model and these new activities.
Shinjuku City
Customer support model for internationalized citizens
Shinjiku City has its own characteristics where 11% of its population consists of foreigners. It provides services for internationalized citizens by providing its website in 4 languages including Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean. To improve its service, it set up a call center for questions about its administration from 8 am to 8 pm on everyday except for new year holidays, and introduced FAQ system integrated with the call center. With them, it realized accurate and prompt response with a single database of voices from citizens. The ward improves its actions by using the database.
Saison Information Systems Co., Ltd.
 HULFT Department
Support model that integrated FAQ and engineers
In order to improve quality of technical support of the companyfs HULFT, the file transfer service, they actively enhanced knowledge-base focusing on FAQ, and share results of questionnaire and inquiries with a product inspection team. This case realized smooth linkage between customer touchpoint data and engineer that enabled increased traffic to FAQ, improved operational efficiencies, and shortened time to resolve customerfs problems.
Tsu City
Model to improve dedication for citizens
It strengthened efforts to improve service quality after the merger of cities. In order for its citizens to realize benefit of the merger, it aimed to respond to voices and requests from citizens. It also made gdedication to citizensh be one of guiding principles and tried to penetrate it all the civil servant. With these efforts, it has started to execute actions to realize gthe city government that can respond real-time.h
Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.
 Lifeval Promotion Department
@Oboshi Award
Consolidated service window for customers
They established LIVALIT, the system to support Lifeval (63 blocks, 10,000 employees), in order to build closer relationship with each one of 11 million customers in the metropolitan area. They consolidated customer data into one database by introducing system for each company to manage its own business. They improved customer support to realize smooth transition from a representative to a newly assigned representative. They also enhanced efficiency at a service depot, by intruding 4,000 mobile devices.
Pasona Inc.
Temp-staff satisfaction improvement model
Since its foundation, Pasona has done various efforts to create job with the vision of resolving social problems. It evolved the notion of the customer journey to gstaff journey maph for temp-staff, and it realized to develop career plan and establish relationship that is aligned with life style. With these efforts, it won #1 in temp-staff satisfaction for 7 consecutive years and it has successfully established close relationship with its temp-staff and continued activities to expand fields of work for temp-staff.
Panasonic Corporation
 Appliance company, Japan local consumer marketing division,
 Consumer marketing Japan CRM promotion dept
Continued activation of large-scale membership organization
They enhanced management of its membership site with Club Panasonic, in order to improve convenience for customers by consolidating a contact point and communications. They increased members and page views, and executed questionnaire, recruitment of monitors for new products, rental-and-experience campaign, acquisition of customers for real stores and events. They realized actions with effectiveness to contribute and generate sales by linking the net and real. They are further enhancing the attractiveness by proactively providing points that can be exchanged with services of other companies this year.
Vision, Inc.
 Overseas strategy department
@Continuance award
Inbound customer and communication model
They have continued to expand their service by sincerely listening to customersf voice and responding with speed and flexibility. They strengthened business for inbound visitor to Japan in addition to overseas market cultivation by offering gNinja WiFiRh, a Wi-Fi router rental service in Japan, to realize high-speed mobile internet environment that is most wanted by visitors. They continued to improve service by providing coupon tied-up with large discounter and restaurant, and realizing high-speed communications that is co-developed with hardware makers and telecom companies.
FORUM8 Co., Ltd.
 System sales group
Integrated model of high-technology and customer needs
They developed new application and service by close communications and needs analysis with new customers such as automotive together with conventional customers in construction and government fields, by applying high-technology that were developed for CAD for construction and VR. They realized useful service by providing customer-by-customer support based on integrated customer database, as well as they provided user-friendly visual information by applying high-level structural analysis to hot themes such as ITS, environmental city planning, national resilience and simulation for evacuation at disaster.
Fujitsu Limited
 Innovation business division, Convergence service group,
 Convergence solution department
Customer preference analytical CRM model
They worked on marketing innovations of their client companies, based on the understanding of consumers by using data. They offer method called the product DNA to identify which characteristics consumers purchase, by pointing out gwhyh in addition to gwhenh, gwhereh and gwhath about consumers purchase behaviors. This is an effort to reduce workload and enhance the ability to understand consumer mind by using the unique patent-pending method that resolves issues in operations to understand consumer mind with automated characteristic classification and characterization from the view point of consumers
Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company, Limited
@Fuji Sankei Business Eye Award
Quantitative analysis and utilization model at call center
They made quantitative analysis on customer voices and operational data at their call center and use the results to improve business operations and service level for customers. They established a contact center with high connection rate, by understanding frequently asked questions in-depth, improving predictions of calls, and educating and optimally assigning operators. This is a good example where the flow to use facts from data to improve service is established.
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
 Remote sales department, Call Center
Bank remote sales innovation model
They successfully drew customers with needs for consultation by clarifying customersf potential needs and deepening understanding on the needs. They conducted customization of call by customer preference, and strengthened relationship with sales shop and linkage with data in sales shop, with the slogan of genhancing evaluations from two customersh that is a customer via phone and a sales representative. The call center tries to improve service quality based on customer voices. This in an innovative model where customer satisfaction, sales contribution, and optimal utilization of personnel to improve efficiency are realized.
J.Morita Corporation
Utilization of customer voices for dental treatment
They established a customer support center to provide high-quality products and services as a full-line trading company for dental treatment. They are building the new relationship with customers with the activities of the center. They immediately share messages from customers with executives, relating department, sales teams, and business partners and utilize them to improve products and services, by keeping founders message in mind that J.Morita should do conscientious business with a mind of appreciation.
Yahoo Japan Corporation
CS Enhancement with chat service
Yahoo! Japan changed user support environment at their call center from email to chat, in line with usersf usage environment from PC to smart devices. They reduce time for customers to resolve problems to 13 minutes which is less than hundredth part, and drastically improved customer satisfaction. Communications in short sentence and non-verbal communication will be indispensable method for today when smart devices are widely used.
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